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Here at Rug Masters we know what it means to have a high quality rug and what it means to you. We also know how to clean that rug properly so there is no damage.
There’s a huge variety of rugs in the market and most people won’t know how to treat your rug properly and safely. With our knowledge, experience and know which country made those rugs and what kind of material and dye they used. Here is our perfected seven step rug cleaning process:


The reason we dust the Rugs before we wash them is to take out all the dry germs and to prep it for later washing. When you dust the rugs before cleaning, afterwords they also become a lot softer.

WET THE Rugs , Wash both side

We lay down the rug and flash cold water on it until both sides are wet. We use Oriental Rug Shampoo which is specially made for wool carpets. We wash the back and the face of the carpet as needed to make sure all the stains are gone.


As we know, some dyes are not as strong in the carpet as other and they may mix with other colors. We make sure there is no lose color by using a special solution to steady the dye.


When we rinse the carpet, we use cold pressured water on both sides to make sure there is no solution left in the rug.


We place the carpet inside the wringer tool extract all excess water front the carpet. This is an important step in preventing color running. Extracting also helps the rugs dry faster.


We brush the knapp of the carpet to match it’s original flow helping to restore it back to new condition.


Even in the drying process, though it may appear to be a simple matter, knowing the proper drying technique can make all the difference in the world. Some rugs yield better results if they are hug to dry while other yield better results if they are floor dried from 7 – 10- days.

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oriental rug repair in mill valley , tiburon , rug repair near me marin county


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