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The methods of cleaning Oriental, Persian and Navajo rugs are generally similar but vary in detail. We at Rug Masters Cleaners use the proper method suitable for the rug at hand, catering to the particular needs of each individual rug.

Pre-Cleaning Security

  • Examine every rug to determine the appropriate cleaning process.
  • Determine pre-cleaning security for older rugs
  • Check for stability and fastness of dyes.
  • Dust rugs prior to washing using the most current methods available.
  • Apply pre-treatment for stain removal.
  • Hand wash every rug.

Hand Washing

We hand wash all of our rugs. The hand-cleaning process, while labor intensive, is by far the most effective and least corrosive to your rugs. We know these rugs become part of the family as they pass down from generation to generation.

In order for them to last for generations to come they must be handled properly by professionals. Individualized attention allows us to offer levels of service consistent with the needs of the rug and our customers. Every rug is unique. Every need is different.

Rugs that are old, fragile or torn go through a dry cleaning process that uses foam. Sturdier textiles or those that are in better condition are hand washed or gone over with a water extraction machine.

Like most specialty or hand woven floor coverings, the washing process has to be gentle enough not to ruin the workmanship while still tough enough to remove stains and dirt.

Professionals know the soap solutions that will not be too harsh or leave residues.
Part of the Persian rug cleaning process is carefully drying the floor covering to prevent mildew or mold from growing.

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