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Stain Removal

Here at Rug Masters, we’re experts in getting rid of rug stains. We specialize in Oriental rugs, Persian rugs and other valuable rugs that need expert care. Our special Seven Step Process is designed to get rid of just about any rug stain that you might bring us.

We pay careful attention to color consistency, fabric design and the weave and overall construction of the rugs. With over thirty years experience in rug cleaning you would be hard pressed to find someone that will take better care of your rugs and do a better job cleaning your rugs.

Not only that you don’t even have to bring the rugs in to us, we’ll come to you!
Yep, we’ll pick up your rig, clean your rug and deliver right back to your home or office.

On a side note: Some stains are bigger, and / or tougher to get out. If, in that rare event, that your carpet needs that extra cleaning, we’ll give you a call to let you know.

Of course these tougher stains will require an extra charge, in which case we’ll contact you immediately to get your approval before we proceed any further.


1546 California St. San Francisco, CA

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