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Rug Overcasting

First, a short explanation of what rug overcasting is; typically you’ll find a double white thread that is sewn just above the fringe at either end of a rug.

This is what’s know as overcasting. When the rug is walked on, over time it will consume wear and these edges will start to give way and fray.

The overcast is added so that even if the rug starts to fray, it will not affect the color portion of the rug, thus saving the design from unravelling.

So if you see any signs of wear in the overcasting, you’ll want to have your rug repaired immediately. Here is a case wear a stitch in time will literally save nine.

Here at Rug Masters, we have the personnel, the tools and the experience to repair the overcasting to help prevent further damage to your valuable rug.

And if it has frayed to the point that it does start to affect the design portion of the rug, well, we can take care of that as well.Bring your rug into Rug Masters today for a free expert estimate. You’ll be glad you did.

Rug Overcasting


1546 California St. San Francisco, CA

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